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Live Commodity Rates at Jiaganj in Murshidabad, West Bengal

यहाँ पर आप Jiaganj मंडी में आलू, टमाटर, लहसुन, प्याज, अदरक, चना, एलोवेरा, धान, दाल, मक्का, सरसों, तुअर, धनिया, मुंग, लहसून, उड़द, मैथी, सोयाबीन, अजवाईन, तिल, खसखस, गेहुं, असालिया, चना, कलौैंजि, मसूर, सुआ, मटर, तारामिरा, जीरा, अलसी, आमला, जौ, देसी चना, उड़द, धनिया, मूंगफली, इसबगोल, ज्वार, डॉलर चना, मसूर, अलसी, मक्का, मैथी दाना, सरसों, तिल, सोयाबीन, तारामीरा आदि सभी प्रकार की कमोडिटी जो Jiaganj मंडी में उपलब्ध है उसके सही ताज़ा भाव पता कर सकते है

Get the latest and updated prices in Jiaganj market located in district in the state of West Bengal. You can compare the rates of different varieties of in Jiaganj market.

Jiaganj - , West Bengal

Price Updated on: Mar 02, 2023
Commodity (Variety) Price (Min/Max) / Unit Action
Rice (Fine) Last Updated: Mar 02, 2023 ₹3450 - ₹3525 View Trend
Paddy(Dhan)(Common) (Other) Last Updated: Mar 02, 2023 ₹2150 - ₹2225 View Trend
Potato (Jyoti) Last Updated: Mar 02, 2023 ₹660 - ₹710 View Trend
Mustard (Yellow (Black)) Last Updated: Mar 02, 2023 ₹5140 - ₹5200 View Trend
Jute (TD-5) Last Updated: Mar 02, 2023 ₹4750 - ₹4825 View Trend

Jiaganj Mandi FAQs

What are the commodities available in Jiaganj market?

The following commodities are available in the Jiaganj mandi: Rice, Paddy(Dhan)(Common), Potato, Mustard, Jute etc.

Mandi Information

Main Information

Market Area

Capacity of Cold Storages
Nearest place in the Hinterland Jiagunj
Farthest place in the Hinterland Lalgola Block.
Notified area of Market Committee MZRMC entire district of Murshidabad.
Number of Cold Storages available 0
Subyard (If any) and It's exact location Nawab Sub Market Yard,J.L No-41,Mouza-Kadamsarif,M.J Block,Lalbagh
Number of Commodities notified under regulation 6
Commodity Wise Processing Units in the Market area Oil Seed-04 Nos Oil Mills, Flour-06 Nos Mills, Saw Mills-07 Saw Mills.
Average daily dispatches to outside markets during the season
Names of traditional markets(important) to which produce is sent
Average daily dispatches to outside markets during the peak period

General Information

City Jiagunj
Market E-mail
Market Latitude
Postal Addresss Fultala,Po & PS-Jiagunj,Murshidabad
Market Longitude
Year of establishment 2006
Telephone(with STD Code)
Population served (in thousands) 507640
Market area served (No. of villages) 10

Rail/Road Connectivity

Name of the Nearest National/State Highway N.H 34
Name of nearest railway station from the market Jiagunj
Distance of the railway station from the market(in Kms.) 4

Administrative Information

Market hours 07.00 am to 02.00 pm.
Market Holidays Monday of every week
Name of Chairman
Name of Secretary
Year of Regulation 2004
Address of Chairman
Address of Secretary
Phone No. of Chairman
Regulated/Unregulated Unregulated
Phone No. of Secretary
Supervisory(Permanent) 0
Supervisory(Temporary) 0
Administrative(Permanent) 0
Administrative(Temporary) 0
Name of Officer-in-Charge A.A.M.O(Admnst.)Lalbagh Sub-Division,Msd.
Name of Market Legislation
Address of Officer-in-Charge Office of the AAMO(Admin)Lalbagh,Murshidabad.
Name of Owner and Management
Phone No. of Officer-in-Charge
Mode of selection of APMC (Elected/Superseded/Nominated) Nominated

List of Facilities Available

Market Charges

Finacial Position

Availability of Facilities and Services Information

Number Of Licensed Wholesale

Important Commodity Arrivals

Commodity Name Arrivals Production Season Peak Season Max daily Arr Min daily Arr Unit of Price Pack Size Arrival 1 Arrival 2 Arrival 3
Rice 08 1360 April-May April-May 10 6 Quintal 50 0 0 0
Paddy 05 875 Dec-Feb Dec-Feb 7 3 Quintal 50 0 0 0
Wheat 05 940 March-April March-April 7 3 Quintal 50 0 0 0
Jute 04 1730 July-October July-October 6 2 Quintal 50 0 0 0
Mustaqrd 05 820 Feb-March Feb-March 7 3 Quintal 50 0 0 0
Green Chilli 04 810 All Season All Season 6 2 Quintal 50 0 0 0
Brinjal 04 950 All Season All Season 6 2 Quintal 50 0 0 0
Potato 04 1380 Nov-March Nov-March 6 2 Quintal 50 0 0 0

Jiaganj Market Summary

Jiaganj Market Summary
Id 1608
Mandi Jiaganj
District Murshidabad
Slug west-bengal/murshidabad/jiaganj
State West Bengal
Establishment 2006
Address Fultala,Po & PS-Jiagunj,Murshidabad

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