Soil And Water Conservation Under Hill Area Development Programme

Name of Scheme: Soil and Water Conservation under Hill Area Development Programme

Project Area: Nilgiris District

Details of Works: Bench Terracing Drainage line treatment works Water Harvesting Structures. Collection Wells Terrace support works Stream training works Silt detention tanks and Landslide treatment works

Benefits offered (Subsidy): 100% grant is provided for Soil Conservation measures. However, beneficiaries are required to contribute at the rate of 10% for individual works and 5% for community works. It is 5% in case of SC/ST, for individual  works. This contribution shall be deposited in the Watershed Development fund. The landslide treatment measures are executed with 100 % grant.

Eligibility: All the farmers whose lands are covered in the selected watersheds are eligible.

Time-limit for Implementation:Soil Conservation and Landslide treatment works  will be completed within the financial year

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