Rain Water Harvesting And Runoff Management Programme

Name of Scheme: Rain Water Harvesting and Runoff Management Programme

Project Area: All Districts (Except Chennai and Nilgiris)

Details of Works: Percolation ponds Major, medium and minor check dams Farm Ponds Rejuvenation of unused wells Village tanks / Ooranies.

Benefits offered (Subsidy): 100% grant is provided on cost of works taken up in community lands. However, the beneficiaries are required to contribute 10% of the cost of works (it is 5% in case of SC/ST) in cash which will be deposited in the name of the Village Development Association / Watershed Association for future maintenance of the assets created. 90% subsidy is provided on cost of works in patta lands and the remaining 10% is collected as beneficiary share.(it is 5% in case of SC/ST) in the form of cash / labour /material.

Eligibility: All the farmers in the selected watersheds in the respective district.

Time-limit for Implementation: Works will be completed within the financial year.

website – http://agritech.tnau.ac.in/